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THANKWORLD LIGHTING CO., LTD is an integrated high-tech enterprise that focus on both outdoor lighting and commercial lighting, including the research and development, production, marketing and service. THANKWORLD LIGHTING,adhering to the "people-oriented,virtue comes first, respect for wisdom, peacefulness is prized"philosophy, has set up one young and energetic elite team. They focus on technology research and development of LED lighting products, innovate with continuous improvement, strive for excellence, and dedicate themselves to the high cost-effective LED lighting products and meticulous after-sales service for our customers. "Kindheartedness and filial piety","be modest, amiable and etiquette-loving", and "be a man of integrity and grateful for what has been granted by the others" are the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, also the basic code of conduct of every employee in THANKWORD Lighting. Company leaders regard "credit management"and "to be honest person"as the company's core values, in combination with their own words and deeds to create good corporate culture. Love is light that is limitless as they say the greatest love knows no boundary. THANKWORLD LIGHTING shoulder great and sacred mission of "light transmission, love transmission",and make great progress step by step. In the future, THANKWORLD lighting aspires to become a world's top lighting company which will be most popular in the application field of LED light! Look forward to working with you to interpret the color of light, transmitting the light of love.